European guidelines for the accreditation of Sleep Medicine Centres

This document describes guidelines for accreditation of Sleep Medicine Centres in Europe. These guidelines are the result of a consensus procedure, in which representatives of the European Sleep Research Society (ESRS) and representatives of different European National Sleep Societies (ENSS) were involved. The information obtained during different rounds of consultation was gathered and processed by the members of the Steering Committee of the ESRS. The scope of the guidelines is to define the characteristics of multidisciplinary Sleep Medicine Centres (SMCs), in terms of requirements regarding staff, operational procedures and logistic facilities. Accreditation of SMCs is proposed to be the responsibility of the individual ENSS. The Accreditation Guidelines may thus be considered an instrument for the national societies to develop new or standardize existing accreditation questionnaires, as well as procedures for visiting the site, drafting the accreditation report, and finally, granting the accreditation. The Accreditation Guidelines are meant to be a line of action, that ideally should be followed as close as possible, but that may be subject to certain exceptions, depending on local customs or regulations.

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